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Kapani Warrior Program

The Kapani Warrior Program (KWP) is an anger inoculation program for men between the age of 18 to 30 delivered through Kapani.  The programs are delivered to the participants (and specifically taught by the veterans) though all the tools and techniques developed from their time in the Defence Force, life experience and further studies. The KWP is funded by the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) to deliver the program from Cairns to the Cape and to date has been delivered in several communities with successful outcomes.

The program utilises an operant conditioning model and uses intensive behaviour modification techniques in real world settings. Participants are exposed to stressors in a contained environment and coached through the psychological management of their own emotional de-escalation.

In 2012, the program was developed to address the high levels of domestic violence within Indigenous communities. The program aims to work directly with male perpetrators of domestic violence, individuals at risk of perpetrating domestic violence, and individuals with a history of violence and aggression against other individuals and property.

 The Warrior Program acknowledges the high rate of incarceration of Indigenous men within the justice system, and aims to provide a program that attacks the antecedents to incarceration, in particular aggression, alcohol abuse, trauma and poor impulse control.

The Warrior Ethos - we work to cognitively restructure the thinking of participants to see ‘the warrior’ as a provider and protector, rather than an aggressor. The ‘warrior’ protects himself, his family and his community. As a warrior, he also provides the physical, emotional and psychological needs of his family and his community. Through role modelling and visual exposure, the KWP motivates participants to acknowledge their own warrior qualities which are reinforced and rewarded within the program group.

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Kapani Stand Down

The “Kapani Stand Down” (KSD) program is a tri-service veteran refuge that provides an opportunity for veterans residing in Cairns and the wider Far North Queensland (FNQ) community to recoup, reinvigorate and reconnect all within the sanctuary of a large peaceful farm setting.

KSD brings veterans together and provides them with the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities that promote social connections, positive engagement and aim to holistically improve the well-being of veterans and their families. The current number of DVA clients in the Cairns region is approximately 3,383, the second largest regional DVA population behind Townsville with 10,877.

KSD delivers 3-day camps catering for up 10 participants per camp. The primary demographic veterans from the tri-service community, both male and female aged between 22-65, from Cairns and the wider FNQ region. Referrals are welcomed from agencies such as DVA, RSL Queensland, Cairns RSL Subbranch.

KSD is facilitated by highly experienced veterans, who have delivered a suite of veteran-focused activities such as experiential's, water sports/activities, yoga and well-being exercises, cooking and nutrition aimed at achieving specific objectives. The camps also host workshops/presentations by relevant partners such as employment service providers, prospective employers, health services, Cairns RSL Subbranch and The Oasis Townsville, who will provide pivotal links for transition to work/study, advocacy and well-being service providers to veterans.

KSD is dedicated to ensuring veterans maintain connections and feel part of the Kapani family. KSD provides pre & post-camp surveys and veteran care via phone calls and social media which will reinforce the support services available to the veterans in the Cairns & the wider FNQ community.


Kapani Freight

Located in Cairns, North Queensland, Kapani Freight is a fully Australian owned and operated by Australian military veterans. Our focus is on supporting those with a need for a reliable, safe and cost-effective freight/delivery service throughout Australia.  We treat every client as a valued business partner.

Further, we offer this simple commitment to our clients… “if it can fit on our truck, it’ll be delivered”. We have a team of dedicated client focused experienced professionals, with deep connections to the veteran community around Australia.   Every package big and small is treated with care, as if it was our own.

We offer our services on an “as needed basis” or we can provide a regular scheduled service (whatever you need, whenever you need it, wherever you need it).  All of our staff hold a blue card and have valid National Police Checks.

Kapani Freight specialise in delivering freight to and from some of the most remote parts of Australia.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge and connection to the indigenous cultural needs in these remote parts.

Why choose Kapani Freight? 

Firstly, we have competitive prices with no hidden costs. We are able to keep costs low because we don’t maintain large corporate offices or logistical centres. Secondly, we are schedule driven with the ability to conduct ‘spot hire’ and regular services to remote locations. As if you even needed a third reason….but we will give you one! We are fully insured with all freight being taken care of by employees with a proven track record in delivering your goods, without damage, and on time!



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