Aurukun 2019

Support the Inaugural Kapani Warrior Cup

This bush-skills challenge for Kapani graduates will take place in Aurukun, Queensland from 11 -13 July 2019.

Day 1

Roll Call at Camp Kapani, Knowledge workshops and course familiarisation training for participants.

Day 2

Roll Call at Camp Kapani, Team Mentoring and Team 'Weigh In' hosted by Benny Eggmolesse and supported by the 1 Regiment Army Band. Meet the teams and hear the stories!

Day 3

Main Event - Kapani Cup, Awards Ceremony, followed by Concert featuring the 1 Regiment Army Band and other bands.

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Graduate Testimonials

“This is a great program that provides real opportunities for Aurukun people”
Richard Oneygia
Aurukun Graduate
“I’m proud of being in this program and my family is proud of me. I have learnt a lot and this has prepared me for the army. I feel proud”
Aurukun Graduate
“This program has changed my life. My mother now looks at me with pride. Without this program, I wouldn’t have achieved what I’ve achieved”
Aleon Wallamby
Aurukun Graduate
“Cheers for the help, I appreciate everything you Kapani brothers did for me”
Robbie Braico
Yarrabah Graduate